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About our "Bakery"about my "Dream"

Of a dream, an adventure, a story, a lot of passion and a great desire to achieve it and do it. And if it was born, "Bakereach" long ago I started this journey which was interrupted by the traps that life sets you. But So many things lived so many experiences gained, our best school. We grew more as people, with our clients, getting to know them more each day. The tastes of each one, the stories of each one and of this little town called Austin in Minnesota. It also started with me. So many sweet memories that could not be left alone and here we are again, stronger than ever, renewed and eager to continue offering our customers the best smile and the best of us, with more renewed products. With great care we get up every day very very early in the morning to offer quality and fresh products every day. A lot of effort, a lot of sacrifice but the one we do with all our heart and love. We always want and hope to be able to offer the best of ourselves and the best possible service. Thank you


Our Products

In our bakery you will find products of the highest quality and delicious flavors with impressive mixes. 

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